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Nancy's Nursery Mural

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Lauren contacted me with the very exciting news that she was expecting a baby girl in November and dreamed of having a leafy, floral mural on the wall where the crib would be.

The below sketch was provided by Lauren, the sketch was not a requirement but did help a great deal to help demonstrate just how she envisioned the final wall art to sit.

Lauren also provided some images that showed the colours and delicate painting style that she preferred and from these I put together the below mood board, this was to help show Lauren the colours that had been picked out from the inspo images and a possible colour palette for the wall art. Thankfully Lauren loved the palette and off I went to get the paints.

Tape markers were applied to the wall to show where the crib would eventually sit, then using pencil a rough guide was sketched to create a frame of trailing leaves that surrounded the crib.

The painting began and the leafy frame was built up using shades of green and a pale turquoise.

The rest of the mural was created with loose free hand painting and pops of colour were worked into the leaves, with lilacs, lemons and pinks.

Wisteria was also added in areas.

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