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Say hello to your 2024 Calendar!


Each month has a different hand painted illustration based on a beautiful spot in the UK.


Thank you to those of you who submitted photographs to paint from, it was so difficult to choose! The places that provided inspiration for the paintings include the following:

January - The River Dove, Peak District.

February - Ropner Park Duck Pond

March - The River Tees

April - Croft Castle, Herefordshire

May - Cornwall

June - Rowes at Priory Gardens, Guisborough.

July - Preston Park

August - Camusdarach beach, Scotland

September - Lake Windermere, The Lake District.

October - Queens View, Scotland.

November - Lake Coniston, The Lake District..

December - The Isle of Skye, Inner Hebrides of Scotland


As the list sections proved popular last year, these have been kept for the 2024 issue, with space for those all important birthdays, things to do and shopping lists. So non of us have any excuse to be unorganised next yea ;) , happy planning!


Katie X



2024 Calendar

  • Pre-orders allow creatives to gather an idea of interest in their product, therefore allowing them to place an accurate order from the printers. 

    The more of an item an artist can order at one time, the more profit they are able to earn for their art. 

    The pre-order will close 20th November and orders will be shipped by the end of November.

    Thank you for being patient for your product and thank you for supporting my small business and my art.


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