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All originals have been painted by illustrator Katie Dyer and have come from her personal bureau of paintings. Please note that these are all being sold at a reduced price due to paper creases and ink splash marks etc. We like to think this all just adds to the originality of the pieces, however if you'd prefer something pristine then a print is a better option for you.


Tropical pink and green branch

This A3 painting was created with a mixed media palette of indigo ink, pink ink and neon gouache paint.


Size: A3 (42cm by 29.7cm)

Paper Base: 100% Recycled Cartridge Paper (made from 50% Mix of Coffee Cup Waste)

Paper Weight -170gsm 

Imperfection - A couple of blue ink splashes around the painting and the paper is not completely flat due to the water based medium used in the painting.

Abstract floral with indigo ink and neon pink


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