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This design was created from hand paited illustrations of flowers, achieved using ink and watercolours.

This listing is for Colour wayA and features vibrant Spring florals in a palette of coral, pink, lemon and greens on a pale green base.


File details:

300 DPI Jpeg file

30cm Repeat Tile

Delilah Vintage Floral - Pale grey base - Colour way A

  • Once you purchase this design you will have permission to use the print designfor max 100 garment pieces.

    All garments must be made ethically and in an environmentally friendly way.

    Any imagery of designs created using this print must clearly credit Katie Dyer @katiesdesignhouse as the designer of the print.

    Profits of any sales using the print are to be kept by yourself the maker.

    Copy wright of this design are reserved by Katie Dyer and KLB Designs Ltd. The colour and appearance of the design must not be edited, however the scale may be reduced if needed for your project. If edits to the design are made in any other way then this will breach the licence agreement and you will no longer have the right to use the design.

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