This piece is named 'Speak Love, Teach Love' and was originally painted to represent the beauty of speaking out in a positive way way, whether this is sharing your thoughts and worries with a friend, standing up for others or teaching love and kindness.


The original painting was created using a mixed media colour palette of indigo ink, warm beiges and burnt orange watercolour paint.


A variety of paper base and size options are available for this print from a standard matt base to a Giclee' art print, printed onto a watercolour base.


What is a Fine Art Giclee Print?

A Giclee print is when a print, originally achieved with a fine art process such as a painting or drawing, is then digitally printed. This results in a print with the look and detail of the original piece of art.


Size A4 details:

21.0 cm × 29.7 cm


Size A3 details:

42 cm by 29.7 cm

Speak Love, Teach Love.

  • Please note colours look different on different screens and therefore the printed colours may look slightly different in person to those on screen.