The print reads, 'Stop and smell the Violets', a gentle reminder that we should take a moment to look around, enjoy the moment and appreciate what we have been blessed with in life.


This print is from our Birthday print series and is a thoughtful nod to those with February Birthdays.The print reflects February with it's mixed media watercolour and oil pastels illustratios of a field of Violets. Violets are said to be the birth flower for the month of February and the tonal purple colour palette used was inpspired by the February birth stone which is Amethyst.


The print is in by no means reserved for February birthdays, maybe you are or know a fan of Violets!


The birth flower prints are printed onto a fine art textured watercolour paper base, this beautifully shows off all those hand painted details.


Print Sizes:

A5 - 148mm 210mm / 14.8cm by 21cm

A4 - 210 mm by 297mm / 21cm by 29.7cm

A3 - 297mm by 420mm / 29.7cm by 42cm

Stop and Smell the Violets

PriceFrom £12.00