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Bobby, Bailey & Bear Collaboration

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I 1st came across Bobby, Bailey & Bear when I found myself holding a stall next to theirs at a Christmas market last year. All of their creations are hand made by the founder of the business Sam, their beautiful selection of products vary from children's clothing such as rompers, dresses and bloomers to a wide range of hand sewn accessories such as birthday badges, fairy wands, head bands, bows and oh my goodness you should see their fabric, ribbon tied crowns!

The floral prints that feature in their collections are always beautiful and the products are often finished off with delicate detailing such as embroidery and applique'.

When the opportunity arose to collaborate with Bobby Bailey & Bear, I was incredibly excited. We felt we wanted to use a floral for the products , that both knew represented my print style as well as suited their brand.

The below created using ink was used to create a repeat design, the painting had both a delicate and child like appearance and felt like a good fit.

A variety of colour options were created but it was the bright blue base that caught the brands eye.

Once printed, Sam from Bobby Bailey & Bear created sets made up of bows, wands and crowns...what did I say about those crowns, they're just such a cute idea!

The pieces from collection are now online and available to order, the crowns are priced at £12 (+PP) , Wands are priced at £8 (+PP) and those super cute sailor bows are just £4 (+PP) there is also the option to add a hair band or a hair clip to the bows.

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